Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Greatest Commerical. Ever.

As I have stated before I regulary ask Mr. Wonderful if I can have a Polar Bear and he always says no.  Usually with a smart quip like "He will hug you with his teeth." Whatever.  This is the ultimate proof that, that is not necessarily true.  So there. 

I will watch this video every day and dream.

Dear Nissan,
Thank you for this commercial.
Maybe Mr. Wonderful will let me get a Polar Bear now.
And a Leaf.

I love Polar Bears!!!

Sunday, November 7, 2010


Halloween is my favorite, favorite, favorite holiday. 
To all you nay sayers, grumpy Gus's and the like who do not consider Halloween a holiday, phooey and Bah Humbug on you!

Not much to say. 

A lot of pictures though. 

So let's get this party started, shall we?

I picked this baby up
from a local farmer!
Love it!

In action on the front porch.

Also picked this heirloom
up from the same farmer.
It iss mottled green & orange.

This little beauty is, I think
the best Jack-O-Lantern
that I have ever carved. 

Mr. Wonderful's
Vampiric Jack-O-Lantern.
Notice it is eating all of the pumpkin seeds
that I have plans for.

The Whole Shebang!

The whole front porch looked awesome! With the lights and the candles flickering...
I have pictures but I won't post them.  They are a blurry mess.

A nice DSLR is on my Christmas List. 
And This time Mr. Wonderful said okay!

I suppose my greeni-ness this time came in the form of buying from a local farmer, buying heirlooms (except for the orange one) and all of the pumpkins were donated to my moms chickens.
Including the guts and excluding the seeds...

To which I did this!:

I was quite literally drooling while they were in the oven.
Next post I will share I how I made
The Best Pumpkin Seeds In Creation!