Friday, June 22, 2012

Bringing It Back

The "Driving Scarf".

I think the gloves would be a bit much, don't you?

I'm bringing this baby back and I'm going to make it The Next Big Thing.

Why? Because it has been 898,957,749 degrees outside.  And because I hate, hate, hate the artificially icy air that the A/C spews out.  I always get cold and goosebumpy which seems to annoy Mr. Wonderful.  Whatevs, it's cold!

That, and I am always challenging myself to see how many miles I can get out of a tank of gas.  (Weird. I know.) And running the A/C kills my gas mileage.  I am happy to report that on average I get 38 mpg in my little Yaris! (not that you are interested)

Cute, right?

Back to the driving scarf though - another reason I feel I need to bring it back into fashion is because of my fabulous haircut.  While my hair has grown out significantly since that time and I can put it in a itty bitty stubby ponytail,  with the help of 90 clips and bobby's, when zipping along at 60 mph on the back country roads to get to anywhere in the world (thanks for being so close yet so inaccessible to everything South Lyon) those clips and bobby's do squat to keep my hair from coming lose and knotting itself into a rats nest.

So, if you see a short little Greek zipping around in a Yaris trying to look all Audrey Hepburn try not to laugh too hard.  It's a tough look to pull off.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

(nearly) Wordless Wednesday

Today's gift* from one of our (strictly indoor) cats.
Leaving gifts on my seat is their new thing.


In My Knitting Bag

The first in my 9284657660 part series "In My Knitting Bag"

Newborn stocking cap
I am particularly fond of what I call the "Shrek-ish" colors that I picked for the little guy. 

And my (now) grungy knitting bag courtesty of an Antique Truck & Tractor show I went to over the weekend with MommaBean and Mr. Wonderful. 

Good fun.

Especially the tractor pulls (???) - eventually I'll post some pics that we took with the new camera.

Friday, June 8, 2012


*I don't even know what exactly that means other than I hear youngsters saying it and it seemed like a thing to say to announce my return.


I've been gone.  Well, no.  I've been around just... angry.  And pouty.  Disgruntled too.

I am still disgruntled but, you deal with whatever life hands you and you move on, right? ::eye roll::

One of my favorite things to blather on about to others when they're struggling is "Keep your head up and keep moving forward!" ::gag::

How trite.

Anyway, here's the low down.  I have R.A.
I had a flare crisis.  Wait, let's call it what it was because it sure as hell felt like a crisis.

I managed with my crippley self to bang out a few angry draft posts bemoaning my fate but, I'll just go ahead a delete them now.  The worst is over and I'm back on the 'roids temporarily.  They help.  But I want off of them ASAP.

In the garden today:

Peas! I have purple peas!
Wait, purple peas? 
I've never seen them before 
and more importantly, I didn't know I'd planted any!
The strawberries I plant never get this far 
because all the wild beasties get them before I can.
Someone last year gave me a potted rose 
and being the "I don't know what the hell I'm doing"
type of newbie gardener I plopped it in the ground.
It. Didn't. Die.