Saturday, August 6, 2011

Aimless & Random All Rolled Into One

All week long I waited for Friday because I had a Pre-Planned Perfect Friday Post.  This is not it.

(recurring theme much?)

On Thursday I had the time to do it but decided that no, it was a Friday-esque post and so it would have to wait until Friday.

(history repeats itself, endlessly)

I came upstairs last night to plunk my butt down right here, in this very chair and do my Pre-Planned Perfect Friday Post but...

(got distracted by the evil internet and finally...)

Remembered there were a few things I wanted to do pre-post, so instead I:

a) bought books.  A few for my niece Princess Pretty Face, whose birthday is in October.
(okay, okay and a couple for myself -- I pre-ordered the new Flavia de Luce book, due out in November!)

b) bought Mr. Wonderful a subscription to a British Scooter magazine: Scootering.  It was not cheap.  But it is a birthday present and in all reality, if you do the math (which I suck at) it is cheaper to buy the subscription than it is to drive to a book store and buy them where they're $10-12.00/ea.  *There aren't any local book stores here, and they wouldn't carry British Scooter Magazines if there were, and Borders, where we used to shop, yaaay - local! - very sadly has gone out of business.  To top it all off we despise Barnes & Noble so this seemed the most reasonable solution.

c)  made my own lemon-oil furniture polish* and dusted the bejeezus out of this room. I am happy to report that every wood surface in here isn't dull and tinged a sickly shade of grey any more. 

*I got the recipe from one of my favorite books of all time:
d) concluded my Stink Experiment.  Which I will, Girl Scouts Honor, post about tomorrow. 

Because right now...
I have a concert to get ready for! Yippie! 

Mr. Wonderful and I going to a Rock/Heavy Metal concert tonight. 

Sadly, I wasn't able to locate any black jeans for him.

Until tomorrow,
\m/ Rock on \m/

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

(nearly) Wordless Wednesday

Someone at my job thinks I'm great.
What a nice feeling.
(what an awsome thank you, you rock Poppy!)