Saturday, September 28, 2013

Struggle: Pt. III - An update

First, I have had a problem lately wherein I think that all of my posts have to be epic.  So, I just haven't been writing any 'cause they weren't insightful, full of gorgeous pictures, hilarious and you know, legendary.


That and we have flat out been working our arses off.
Also, it would help if I found my computer.
And cleaned out the library so that we can set up said computer.

Annnnywaayy - so, this is going to happen so there will be no more struggles:

They even send you a little Sharps container!
There were two things that happened this summer that were the catalyst for my decision:
The Ood & bow tie that Lotus made for me!
1.  When Cari Donaldson came a visitin' with her passel of children, her daughter Lotus was telling me of the great and wonderful things we could do if my Beloved and I should happened to make it to Connecticut one day.  I found myself telling her "That sounds great! But, we will have to wait and see, my feet don't work so well anymore".  Wow.  Depressing.

Krang pinata
2.  My nephew Handsome Face McGee's birthday party.   Do you see that Krang pinata?! My sister Skunk Bait and brother-in-law Waldo made that! Ah-may-zing! It was a super, awesome, cool TMNT themed party where the kids had to do "Ninja Training". So the kids were running around, adults were running around with the kids, and me? I was looking for a place to sit because my feet were hurting and H.F. McGee shouted "Come on Thea Poppy!".  My soul? Crushed.

I started to get truthful with myself after that.  I admitted that I was coping.  I wasn't living.

I'll be ding-danged if I let RA run my life.  So, I am taking it back.

I got my first shot at the doctors office a few weeks ago and until yesterday I was on the phone with my insurance company, the pharmacy and the doctor's office daily working on getting this filled - it was a nightmare.  But I was diligent because the price per shot if I were to pay out of pocket? $1,000.00!

I get one shot, which my beloved will have to administer - 'cause I'm feelin' wimpy, every other week.

Oh, and a third reason -

If there is a zombie apocalypse I would like at least a chance.

I'll let you know how it goes!