Monday, April 22, 2013

Paint, Treasures & Toys

4:35 a.m. and I'm blogging and having my second cup of coffee.  Just a quick post to let you know where we're at with The Farmhouse!  The electrician said he should be done by the end of this week rewiring the whole house - w00t!

1.  Questionable Paint.  

Because we went with the renovation mortgage "they" got to tell us all of the things they require that we do to receive our certificate of occupancy.  One of the things was scraping any chipping/flaking paint on the window frames and painting.  We don't have to get down to bare wood be just have to get the chippy stuff off.  
Eye wear, gloves and mask required
So I spent half the day on Saturday scraping probable toxic lead based paint.  It's not as fun as it sounds.  Those masks a) pull your hair out, b) immediately fog your eye glasses and c) muffle your voice enough that your Beloved can't hear you 10 steps away from you so you have to take the mask off which pulls out half of the hair on your head and knocks your glasses off.  Good times, good times.

2. Treasure

Found this on the back of the main floor bathroom! Never noticed it the 8,764 other times we have been at the house.

I love little things like this!
3. I (okay we) got a new and necessary toy!

I watched hours of DIY network on Friday night and a couple of the hosts were women.  And they were using a Sawzall.  Right then and there I decided I needed one and if they could do it, so could I.  

Ain't it puurrdy?!
The best part? I used it.  Twice.  And all of my digits are still attached!

Well, I'm off to work so I can make some money in order to buy more light fixtures (which are NOT cheap)!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

It's Official!

It has been an insane few weeks but, but, but...

It is official! We are the proud new owners of a 150 year old farmhouse!

We went out to the house yesterday to get some measurements, take some fundamentals (like T.P, hand soap, a couple of towels, etc.) and to hopefully start in on the things that we can do to check off the FHA requirement list.  

This happened:

It started snowing tiny snowballs and the wind was blowing at 22 mph with gusts in the 30 mph range.  It was a typical horrible Michigan spring day so we went to both Lowe's and Home Depot to look around for ideas and because the plumber, my cousin, said that the kitchen sink and our faaaabulous country blue toilet needs to be replaced, oh darn! Shopping! 

Oh, and buy a bucket because we discovered a wee drippy-drip in the basement from a skinny copper pipe.  Today we'll look for the leak and slap a temporary fix on it until Jody (my cousin) can come out.

I'll do my best to remember the ding-dang camera today too.

Happy Sunday!