Saturday, October 12, 2013

Farewell Icky

I was able to hold him in my arms and comfort him as I said goodbye.

I Love This Face
Icky was the baby that I never did have. 
A birthday nap

He was a sweet, funny, loving, bad ass (because he was tatted), quirky cat. 

Finding an odd place to squeeze into
I got Icky when he was 6 weeks old (about a month before I married my first husband) and he was with me through everything for 15 beautiful years. He tolerated many moves, a rambunctious puppy and Nike as a kitten with style. We are very thankful that he wasn't sick for a long time and he was a trooper through to the end.

His birthday last year
Nike is taking it pretty hard, she'd lived her whole entire life with Icky as her big brother and every day she looks for him - especially when it's treat time or on "Wet Food Days". 

Miss Nike
I will miss his constant sitting on my neck/shoulder, grooming my eyebrows and my beloved's goatee, his cute, talkative face, his bolting into the bathroom ahead of you in hopes that you'd turn on the faucet for him to drink from, his sleeping on my hip every night (which was nice in the winter but not so nice when a nighttime hot flash reared its ugly head), his opening dresser drawers & cabinets and his insistence on rolling on any dark clothes laid out on the bed.

Sinks.  He loved them all equally.

Whenever you couldn't immediately find him all you had to do was start looking in the sinks.
Thank you Icky for picking me that day at the Humane Society - I am honored to have been your mom.