Wednesday, September 24, 2014

(nearly) Wordless Wednesday

It's the eyebrows.  They're attack eyebrows.*

*Doctor Who reference that other cool kids will get

Monday, September 8, 2014

Voutsaras: Strolling Through a Greek Village

I have a fair number of pictures from Voutsaras, the village my father's family is from, and a ton from the other places we visited in Greece.  I'll share more pictures as I sort through them and try to figure out what in the name all things Holy and good in this world I was thinking when I took them.

Voutsaras is a tiny village in the northwestern area of Greece near the Albanian border.  According to Wikipedia thirteen years ago it had a population of 150.  And let me tell you, all but 4 of them came out to see what we were up to - especially me with my camera taking pictures of their houses. One old yiayia even asked what exactly were we doing!  Whenever my aunt would introduce us though they knew our family so we were all good in the hood!

Let's get this party started, shall we?

The house my aunt and father were born in.
The family lived upstairs and the animals there to the right.

I love the blue gate, shutters and doors so, so much!
There are shrines like this ever-y-where.  This one is in front of the village school.
Which is up hill.  Both ways.  He wasn't lying!
I lovedy lovelovelove Icons. Always have.
The house my papou lived in with his first wife.
She died tragically during the War.
What is left of their second house now (insert sad face).
This is where my other aunt- the one who we went with- and my uncle were born
Voutsaras, Ioannina, Greece
My darling mother-in-law and wonderful Aunt.  The neighbors invited us over for coffee!
You see the marble steps? That stuff is everywhere I tell ya!
Moseying around
My fabulous mother
Legend has it my father climbed up the bell tower
 and carved his initials into the stone at the top.
The well

I am absolutely enchanted by the these turquoise window frames

It's a Hobbit house! Or something.
The ubiquitous fig tree

Farewell Voutsaras.  Until next we meet.
If you to go to Google Maps and looked up Voutsaras, Ioannina, Greece you'll see the same red car at the well... I wonder how long its been there?!!??