Saturday, March 23, 2013

Earth Hour!

So, it's Earth Hour right now and I am blogging in the dark with the laptop unplugged.

The screen seems unnaturally bright...

My Beloved and I spent Earth Hour two years ago playing scrabble by candlelight which you can see a picture of  here.  I won that last game!

Next year I'll do more than just commit to spending an hour in the dark.

No, from this day forward we, our little family, will commit to do even more to save our little corner of the planet.  

Now to just figure out what that'll be...

Blurbing: True Story

I totally forgot about Blurbing!

So, I'm going to start Blurbing again on those days when I have a little something to say but not a whole posts worth of coherent thoughts (which seems to be the case more often than not).

Today's blurb is a true story.

So, after working a million 55 hours this week, I, immediately upon walking in the door and dropping my bags, got into my jammies.

By 6:30 p.m. I was firmly ensconced on the couch.  And with a bowl of chocolate ice cream for dinner in my hand I finished both my library book (which is due back today) and another I had pre-ordered a long time ago and received earlier this week.

I know, I know... way cool, right? (okay, maybe not.)

Anyway, if y'all are looking for a good couple of good books to read try:

The Age of Miracles by Karen Thompson Walker

The premise is that the rotation of the Earth begins to slow and both the days and nights are growing longer affecting all life on Earth.  

The other is Once Upon a Flock by Lauren Scheuer

This delightful little gem was written by a blogger whose blog (Scratch and Peck) I have been lurkily (that's a word, right?) following for a few years.   I laughed and I cried and I fortified my resolve to have chickens at The Farmhouse.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Theme Thursday: Mud

Day 923 of snow and cold and bitter, biting winds.

And? It's been snowing for the last three days. So there ain't no mud 'round here! Just frozen Earth under a blanket of snow.

So this will have to suffice:

My brand spanking new "Wellies" ('cause I'm British now) that I plan to wear when there is actually mud -sitting in the single sunny spot in our whole house.  

And, because it is cause for celebration - my geranium, which lives there on the floor by the one sunny spot in the house.  I re-potted it (a first!) from a larger planter that was on the front porch this summer and have miraculously managed NOT to kill it! Hallelujah!

Do me a favor if you would and try to ignore the 3 inches of dust on the lid of the box.

Anyway, go and check out Cari's blog Clan Donaldson for some real pictures of mud!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Counter, Counter, Counter, Counter, Nap

The past two weeks since meeting the contractor have been more than a little hectic 'round here.

The Monday after the inspection we sent off an addendum/counter offer.
This past Monday they countered our offer with a ridiculous offer.
To which we countered with our own offer.
And they countered it again on Friday!

I think a picture is in order after all the shenanigans.

Upstairs Bath
Would you look at that?!? It is blue.  Super awesome blue!

And even better than it having that amazing country blue toilet is the fact that you can't stand up straight in the shower because it was built into the eaves of the house.  Which means it'll be relegated to a bathing only tub and showering will have to happen elsewhere.

Okay, back to the meat of the post.  And I'll get right down to it, we accepted their counter to our counter, etc., etc.

The Farmhouse is ours Precious!!

So after all of this emotional turmoil I allowed myself a nap today.  Double yaay! 

Friday, March 8, 2013

Theme Thursday (or Friday, whatevs): Piles

When I found out that this weeks theme was piles, my twisted mind immediately went to medical definition.

Argh! Gah! Eww! Geck!

Then after a thorough brain washing with bleach I tried to come up with something not horrifying or too horrifyingly embarrassing (who wants to see me thumbing my nose at tidiness!) I came up with this:

A pile o' freshly pressed napkins
Whiiiiiiiich is an okay picture, there's plenty of red in my kitchen to satisfy the "put some red in it", but you can't really tell how towering this mountain of napkins are.  On the one hand having a crap ton of napkins is good 'cause you don't have to wash them every two days.  The flip side though is that when you're out and you go downstairs to iron them you realize that there are a quadrillion and you spend a half hour just pressing napkins.  Vicious cycle.

Here's another one I took to see if I could get the height:

Meh.  S'okay.  My problem was the dang heckin' sun/lack of natural light.  Oh well.  Not sure how exciting napkins are anyway...

Oh! Guess what I found in the garage this morning? A pie pumpkin.

So I butchered it.  And gutted it.  And had a pile of innards.
Pumpkin! In March!
Not wanting to tempt the Fates by making anything pumpkiny at the beginning of Spring I decided to roast, puree and freeze it for some Autumnal Goodness in the Fall.

At some point this weekend I'll give y'all an update on The Farmhouse.  Hopefully by the end of today we'll have some sort of news to share!

Until then head on over to Cari's blog Clan Donaldson and see other peoples pics!