Wednesday, April 20, 2011

(nearly) Wordless Wednesday

Unknitting at work.  Some patterns stink.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

(nearly) Wordless Wednesday

I've seen folks do the Wordless Wednesday or the Silent Sunday.  But, God knows I can't keep my mouth shut for any stretch of time.

But, I'll do a (nearly) Wordless Wednesday meaning I'll put a caption beneath the photo.  I'll even go so far as a short caption.

Enough babbling -- On with the show!

Volunteer Crocuses in my front yard

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Sleeping in

Let me start by saying that I wake up Monday through Friday at 3:30 a.m. Why so early?!, everyone usually asks in dismay.

Well, it's because I:
Hit the snooze once and it's about 3:40 when I get up out of bed.
So by the time I'm done with my shower and downstairs staring at the coffee machine it's 4:00-ish.
Which leaves me 45 minutes of "me time" to drink coffee, watch the news, check e-mail and give myself a pep talk before I get dressed, do my hair and head out the door.

So, last night the plan was when going to bed, I was so psyched , I was going to sleep in this morning.  Bound and determined I was to not wake until at least 6:00 a.m. 

All week long I dreamed of finally sleeping in.  Being a lazy bones.

And this is how my morning ended up in reality:

4:53 am: Eyes open of their own volition
5 seconds later: Realize something large & heavy is laying across both legs/shoulders
5 seconds after that: Realize Mr. Wonderful is sleeping next to me? He is supposed to be at work... (he got cancelled which left him on call for today and tomorrow - gag.)

4:54 am: Furious toe wiggling commences as getting up to pee is considered & delayed as long as possible
5 seconds later: Black flying furball launches itself at wiggly toes beneath the blankets
5 seconds after that: Dislodge claws from toe & begrudgingly stumble-limp out of bed to bathroom

4:56 am: Walking back from bathroom step in something cold & wet in the hallway - pray it is a stray penny on the floor
5 seconds later: Grab cell phone to use a light so Mr. Wonderful isn't wakened and investigate hallway blob
5 seconds after that: Realize a cat ate random yarn & regurgitated it

4:57 am: Grab wad of toilet paper and pick up cat yarn-goober & pitch it
5 seconds later: Crawl into still warm bed next to space heater-esque husband
5 seconds after that: Crack open right eye and stare into cat face 2 cm away from own

It looked something like this
(This is Icky the day we moved into the house - I woke up to his face this close)

4:58 am: Give up all hope of going back to sleep & trudge downstairs to make coffee

Yeah, I was out of bed by 5:00.  Not leasurely lazing about in bed at 6:00 trying to decide if it's still too early...

Maybe tomorrow though.  Hope springs eternal.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Out of Whack

I don't know about anyone else, and it may be that I am a complete weirdo, but as I get older if something disrupts my "routine" then I'm all out of whack.  For days.

Well, that's what happened over the weekend.

I forgot, until late Friday, that I had a knitting class to teach on Saturday.  Right smack dab in the middle of my afternoon.  And only one student showed.  But, and it's a mighty big but, it was a student that I had taught in my Knitting 101 class less than a month ago.

She thought I did a great job and had been practicing so she signed up for another! WooHoo!

Then yesterday we drove up to visit Mr. Wonderful's Dad. 
We had a scrumptious meal and then Mr. Wonderful's dad took us on a tour of




Flint Town.  Buick City.  The Birth Place of General Motors. 

Mr. Wonderful's family is from Flint, when it was a thriving and vibrant city.

Is it possible that Flint is more dead than Detroit? I seem to think it is.  I started taking pictures but had to stop because it was so sad.

There is a 130 acre lot called Chevy in the Hole. It's called Chevy in the Hole because it is quite literally located in a natural depression of the Flint River.

There, in the heyday, there were GM plants running full tilt 24-7.

Now, it's a brownfield. 130 acres of cement and weeds.  The land is so contaminated that it is difficult to redevelop.  For the longest time no on wanted to own it.  But, I believe the city of Flint has bought it.

Hopefully they will be able to remediate it and move ahead with plans to build a park there.

Here are a few pics that I got

They take out the doors and windows to discourage squatters and the like
There were huge depressions on either side where other houses used to be

Just another random, abandoned factory

Maybe that's what happened to Flint, they got out of whack.  On a grand scale.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Things I Love: Day 10 (missed!)

Nike Celeste! (usually said in dismay)
The Huntress.
Nike Nuts.
What the?...
Itty Bitty Black Kitty.
Princess Pukes-A-Lot.

A rescued barn kitty.  The runt of the litter.
Nike is nigh on six years old and still barely five pounds.
She is the quintessential scaredy cat.
Unless your a bird, squirrel or bug.
(She only gets to "hunt" from the inside safety of the glass)

Of note:
For the very first time in the six years I've had her, today she is sitting here on my arms as I type this.  She never really comes around me for longer than 6.3 seconds worth of petting then disappears again.

But, she loves Mr. Wonderful.  Unless he's standing. 
Sitting or laying is how she likes her humans.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Things I Love: Day 9

Door to Door Organics.

Look at the yumminess they deliver to my door!

Asparagus, Cherry Tomatoes, Lettuce,
Pears, Bananas, Oranges, Apples,
Mango, Yams and Red Skin Potatoes.

Honest to goodness,
I lost the yams.
I will have to look for them again tomorrow.