Thursday, February 7, 2013

Efficiency or, A Dual Post

First, it's Themed Thursday again over at my friend Cari's blog Clan Donaldson and this weeks theme is Hats or Scarves.  You should definitely go and check it out!

I bet you weren't aware but I had already deemed 2013 to be the Year of the Scarf.

I have agabazillion of them.  They're my fashion statement since I have a skull shaped like the alien from the movie "Alien".  It's true.  Ask my Beloved.  Which, of course, means I can't pull of wearing hats.  So sad.

This here is just a sampling of them, these are the ones that I've left at the front door.  As an added bonus my Beloved's hats.  He has a hat thing and wears one every day, I have a scarf thing and wear one every day.  We're weird but content.

Without further ado my submission:

Auto Focus ('cause I'm mostly lazy)
My first attempt at cross-processing

Second, The Farmhouse.

Fannie Mae (the bank that owns my lovely home) sent out an inspector last Friday to look at everything that was in our addendum.  He agreed with everything that our inspector said needed to be fixed in order for the house to be structurally sound.  He told our agent that he would be getting contractors out this week to get bids to submit to the Asset Manager.

Still waiting.  I hate waiting.  

In the meantime I have a lot of pics that I took which I'll have to parse out in small increments.  Today's installment - The Dairy Barn:

I love, love, love that you can tell they're tree trunks & can see the actual tree  rings
(click on the picture to enlarge)

The Chicken Coop:
It, like everything else, needs work but hey it's already built AND has a run, woot!
And lastly, a gratuitous bird picture I snapped last weekend just because I like it!

Red-bellied Woodpecker giving me the Evil Eye for interrupting


  1. There *should* be a year of the scarf- I am a big fan of them myself.

    And I love that you added your avian neighbor there. Such a lovely spot of warm color in an otherwise cold picture.

    -Lisa from The Education of Mrs. Swanson.
    (I'm @work and have to have my work email open, so I can't log in right ;) )

  2. I'm chiming in on the year of the scarf stamp of approval.
    I'm so glad there's still progress on the house. Even if it's hurry up and wait progress. I want you to get this place so darn badly.

    Dairy barn? Chicken coop? I'm making you my Lenten lesson in overcoming envy.

    Thanks for linking up, Pops. Next week!

  3. What a cool blog! found you via the photo link up!

  4. I love scarves but never wear them. I just can't seem to ever do them justice.

    Your header has to be the best blog header in all of time and space. It proves that the plunger and whisk are much more functional than they may appear.

  5. That's a really cool bird picture! Thanks for sharing it. He really DOES seem to be giving you the evil eye, doesn't he?

    Also, as a knitter & Doctor Who fan, I really appreciate your header. So nifty!

  6. Girl, I hate waiting too. It is the worst! I want you to get that house soooooooooo badly. I mean, you're getting right? It's just a question of when?

  7. Why, thank you kindly ladies!

    Do y'all know who made my blog header? Cari. That's who! She does do fantastic work!

    If I keep talking about it like it's mine, it'll BE mine right? The bank has accepted our offer and everything is in place except the bank has to fix the I-Beam. Once they do that, we're in like Flynn!

  8. Real, honest-to-goodness tree trunks? Oh my word. I love following this but I'm gonna have to work at limiting my envy. I want to live in your house! :)

    Also, I love your scarf/hat photo. It's a very intimate combination of masculine and feminine?

  9. I am very jealous of the scarves. I suffer from the inability to wear a scarf without looking dumb symdrom.

  10. The beams in the basement that have to be replaced are hand hewn...too bad the termites liked them do much! The house has a beautiful prescense (sp?) ....

    1. Mom! First, it says your name. Finally! Second, it does have a lovely presence. I am in love with the house. Which is why the bank needs to fix the beam in the basement. Pronto.

    2. Can you keep the beam after they take it out? I'm thinking it needs to exist assomething new.


  11. Good news Jen! We don't have to remove the beam!! (too many exclamation points?) They are just going to sister up the bad end and add a stanchion post. None of the termite damage is "new" according to the bug peeps. It just happened within the last 150 years. Yaaay!