Friday, March 8, 2013

Theme Thursday (or Friday, whatevs): Piles

When I found out that this weeks theme was piles, my twisted mind immediately went to medical definition.

Argh! Gah! Eww! Geck!

Then after a thorough brain washing with bleach I tried to come up with something not horrifying or too horrifyingly embarrassing (who wants to see me thumbing my nose at tidiness!) I came up with this:

A pile o' freshly pressed napkins
Whiiiiiiiich is an okay picture, there's plenty of red in my kitchen to satisfy the "put some red in it", but you can't really tell how towering this mountain of napkins are.  On the one hand having a crap ton of napkins is good 'cause you don't have to wash them every two days.  The flip side though is that when you're out and you go downstairs to iron them you realize that there are a quadrillion and you spend a half hour just pressing napkins.  Vicious cycle.

Here's another one I took to see if I could get the height:

Meh.  S'okay.  My problem was the dang heckin' sun/lack of natural light.  Oh well.  Not sure how exciting napkins are anyway...

Oh! Guess what I found in the garage this morning? A pie pumpkin.

So I butchered it.  And gutted it.  And had a pile of innards.
Pumpkin! In March!
Not wanting to tempt the Fates by making anything pumpkiny at the beginning of Spring I decided to roast, puree and freeze it for some Autumnal Goodness in the Fall.

At some point this weekend I'll give y'all an update on The Farmhouse.  Hopefully by the end of today we'll have some sort of news to share!

Until then head on over to Cari's blog Clan Donaldson and see other peoples pics!

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