Sunday, April 14, 2013

It's Official!

It has been an insane few weeks but, but, but...

It is official! We are the proud new owners of a 150 year old farmhouse!

We went out to the house yesterday to get some measurements, take some fundamentals (like T.P, hand soap, a couple of towels, etc.) and to hopefully start in on the things that we can do to check off the FHA requirement list.  

This happened:

It started snowing tiny snowballs and the wind was blowing at 22 mph with gusts in the 30 mph range.  It was a typical horrible Michigan spring day so we went to both Lowe's and Home Depot to look around for ideas and because the plumber, my cousin, said that the kitchen sink and our faaaabulous country blue toilet needs to be replaced, oh darn! Shopping! 

Oh, and buy a bucket because we discovered a wee drippy-drip in the basement from a skinny copper pipe.  Today we'll look for the leak and slap a temporary fix on it until Jody (my cousin) can come out.

I'll do my best to remember the ding-dang camera today too.

Happy Sunday!

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