Saturday, March 15, 2014

Weekly Round-Up: Power Outage & Other Things

I would like to preface this post.  I wrote this post on 11/21 but never published it and  I'm not sure why, but I'll share it with you now!

The storm that rolled through on Sunday shed a lot of light on our complete lack of preparedness.  Ack! And while the power may have come on Monday night that doesn't mean that the TV, Internet or phone worked properly.

A generator has moved up on our list of "Get One Stat" and our list of must have's for emergencies is growing daily.

On to the post!

The pine/spruce tree below - 
This is the view of our house and the addition, that was added on in the early 1900's.  Someone told me that that majestic tree is a Norway spruce.  All I know is that it sways something fierce on especially windy days. That and it stands a little more than 10 feet away from the corner of the house where our bedroom it.  Sa-weetness.

Making Curtains-
My mom came over on Friday and helped me make curtains for our overabundance of doors.  Do you know what I haven't been able to find anywhere? Curtains for doors with huge windows.  So I went and bought some full sized drapes from the Salvation Army for a few bucks and we chopped them up and hemmed them to fit the doors.

P.S. That photo to the right of the door is of my Beloved's great-grandparents, his grandmother (the littlest one) and his great-aunt before they left to go back to Sweden for a visit.  What an incredibly cool picture to have!

The forgotten places.  We have many forgotten places here in our lovely old farmhouse.  You know, the places where you put stuff to get it out of the way and then you forget about them.  I just noticed this little corner in the dining room area of our eat in kitchen. Side note: pay no attention to the fact that we still haven't put the mop boards and quarter-round in. Thanks!

Have I ever told you about my love of the Salvation Army Store, it's sister store the Goodwill and our "local" store the Ann Arbor ReUse Center? If I haven't I should have because those places are the bombdiggity.  I don't know why people get rid of some of the things they do.  Like that mirror.  I paid $4.95 for the wavy glassed beauty and just look at how wonderful it looks in the "Harry Potter Room"!* Oh, and the living room door's sister curtain.

And finally, lace curtains.  I've never been a fan of lace curtains.  That is until we bought a 150 year old farmhouse.  They just kind of go.  Of course new lace curtains look so... new and cost $20-30 a panel and for a few measly dollars you can snatch a panel at, wait for it, the Salvation Army Store! This panel I picked up for a $1.50 because I thought it would look perfect in the "Harry Potter Room", which it does!  

*When I get my poop in a group I'll do a room by room "tour" and I can explain the rooms name.

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