Friday, February 5, 2016

A Year in Books: 2015

My 2015 goal was to read 40 books and I ended up reading 56.  Granted more than one were short stories but, whatevs, I read 'em.

Tell me, how do you feel about audiobooks? I've had more than one person tell me that I "cheat" when I say that I've read X books because a good majority of my book intake is through my ears rather than my eyes.  Personally, I think that's a load of hooey.  Whether I use my eyes or my ears I am, I can't think of a better word, consuming these books.  I have an 80 mile a day commute and it makes my commute more tolerable. So, long live the audiobook!

Once again I'll give you my blurbby little insight to these books and what I rated them on Goodreads, which you should totally sign up for and become my friend so I get more book recommendations. Okay? Okay!

1.  I got this free from Amazon. It's a short story prequel to Lost Lake which I had read in 2014.  Way to read the description first, Poppy! I liked it, a lot. I wish I had actually read this before reading Lost Lake, I think it would've made reading Lost Lake make more sense in my mind.
4 Stars

2.  You know what I should do, take notes after I read a book so I can remember what I thought directly after reading, that'd be smart.  This is a children's book that I heard about on NPR and added to my list where it languished for three and a half years. I remember thinking that it was okay but it was gruesomeish and not in a Gaimenesque way. Capisce? 
3 Stars

3.  This book was a gift from a friend because I she knows that I enjoy the authors blog.  I don't often read "self-help" type books but, I'm working on that! I enjoyed the book and the fact that the author was very truthful about her own struggles and how she managed to help herself.  Some helpful gems are disbursed throughout that are a gentle prodding, my Beloved even read the spouse part.
4 Stars

4.  I've got three syllables for ya Fla-Vi-a.  I love this book.  No, the whole series.  I read it first when it was released then my Beloved and I listened to the audiobook while we were on our anniversary road trip. This one strayed from the previous books a bit which was to my Beloved a refreshing change and to me a bit rough because the old, much loved characters weren't in the story. But that's okay, we're expanding our world!
5 Stars (of course!)

5.  This book made me crazy.  I started it in 2011 and put it down. I thought that if I bought the audiobook it would actually make me finish it.  There were so many times while driving that I would  be shouting and pounding my steering wheel in sheer frustration. A few things that I do remember that were mind numbingly dumb were a description "his mouthless eyes" (WHAT IS THAT?!?!) and when the protagonist put on her lovers gloves it was erotic. Ugh.
1 Star

6.  Do you know what I love? Osprey. This book had been languishing on my Kindle forever and frankly I forgot about it.  It follows a birder who decides to follow an Ospreys migration. The writing was okay but the birds are amazing!
3 Stars

7.  Another magical Sarah Addison Allen book. This one is a follow-up to her first book Garden Spells.  I really enjoyed this one because you got to see the characters that you loved from the first book years later and more developed. Aaaaannnnd a mystery was solved! Excellent read.
5 Stars

8.  Do you love Temple Grandin? I do.  I've seen multiple documentaries featuring her, I've heard interviews with her and we've watched the biography, all fantastic, but I've never read any of her books.  The narrator did a fantastic job and I really enjoyed the book. Tons of information, a lot that makes you think about our relationship with all animals. Everyone should read Temple Grandin!
4 Stars

9.  I wanted to like this book much more than I did.  I had to delete my previous blurb because I was feeling some kind of way yesterday.  It was all angry and ranty and not at all blurbish. The only thing I can say is Madam Author not everyone can be an elitist foodie.
2 Stars

10.  My Beloved and I listened to this on our return road trip from Savannah in February. For some reason we decided to drive straight through, all 13+ hours... and this book definitely helped the commute pass quickly! This book is set in the present and begins at a funeral where the main character is remembering his childhood. You never do learn specifics about the present time, not even the name of the main character.If you love Gaiman you'll like this book. 
5 Stars

11.  I picked this book up at Kroger as I was standing in line because I don't know why. Maybe because it's set in England?  I seriously need to learn to write down my thoughts directly after reading a book because I don't remember much about this book.  It's a kids book, do you think less of me for reading below my reading level?
4 Stars

12.  Why had I never read this book?! This book is a classic for a reason, it is amazing. I loved it so much that I listened to it twice (Sissy Spacek did a fantastic job!). What else is there to say other than I will probably reread this every year. 
5 Stars

13.  After the disappointment of the other homesteading on a shoestring budget book this one was what I needed. I thought it was funny and the you-can-do-it-too-edness was a good shot in the arm.
4 Stars

14. Depressing.  What a terrifying reminder of the horror that humanity can be.  I don't do well with torture. The historical aspect and the actual writing is what saved it from one star. Also, it's not really about the Hangman's Daughter.
2 Stars.

The next three book posts are going to have to wait.  We're leaving on vacation tomorrow! We're taking our Harry Potter crazed niece to Universal Studios! And, once again, my fabulous mother and aunt are going to house/cat/chicken sit for us.  We are so lucky that they do this for us and they swear it's a vacation for them.  Liars.

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