Friday, January 7, 2011

New Years Day

Me and Mr. Wonderful started a New Years Day tradition last year. 

The morning of New Years day we would pick a general direction and drive along the back roads to absolutely nowhere in particular.  Just drive. Enjoying each others company and the scenery.

This year we were smart enough to pack food & drink! And on the subject of food - if you're looking for  chocolate that will bring tears of ecstasy to your eyes you really have to try: Shaman Organic Chocolates (  I bought these in bulk this year for Christmas, the Hawaiian Pink Sea Salt, to die for:

Pure unadulterated ecstasy.  Buy them.

Okay, back to the story. 

So, Mr. Wonderful and I grabbed some Michigan map books and headed toward the thumb, I have lived in Michigan my whole life and I'd never been up into the actual "thumb."

For our first stop we stopped in Frankenmuth.
Cute city and nice bathrooms!
Mr. Wonderful spent his youth in this city.
He pointed out all of the spots a teen could go hide from adults. :)

Beach along Lake Huron - somewhere between Port Austin & Port Hope
Found this walking along the beach, awwww!
The Port Aux Barques lighthouse
^^^ What a shame... ^^^
We drove for miles and miles trying to get close to the wind farm
But the road ended and this the best picture I could get. 
I had never seen a wind farm not on television or the internet.

I'm not sure where we're going to head next year.  Maybe south since we went due west last year, and last weekend north east. 

I love making new traditions.

Oh, and I love my new camera, look at the great pictures it takes!

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