Thursday, March 17, 2011

Something New: Medjools

I had never eaten a Date in my life.  Until recently when the wonderful Door to Door Organics brought me some.

See, I get a bi-weekly order of assorted organic fruits and veggies delivered right to my front porch by those wonderful folks over at Door to Door Organics. 

They suggested that I get some of the beautiful, sweet, good for you Medjool Dates before they're gone. 

Gone? I had to investigate.

Out to the interwebs I went and the first thing I came up with was an article from NPR (found here:) A Date To Remember
And everywhere that I searched on the internet said that these are the best Dates.  Ever.  That if you're going to eat a Date that this was the one to eat.

So when I got my Friday e-mail from Door to Door Organics I logged into my account and added some Medjool dates to my box for delivery.

And here the beauties are:

South Lyon, MI
March 10, 2011
5:31 p.m.
Aren't they gorgeous?
They are everything those Foodies described them being!
Anyone know any good Date recipes? I have quite a few.

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