Saturday, April 9, 2011

Sleeping in

Let me start by saying that I wake up Monday through Friday at 3:30 a.m. Why so early?!, everyone usually asks in dismay.

Well, it's because I:
Hit the snooze once and it's about 3:40 when I get up out of bed.
So by the time I'm done with my shower and downstairs staring at the coffee machine it's 4:00-ish.
Which leaves me 45 minutes of "me time" to drink coffee, watch the news, check e-mail and give myself a pep talk before I get dressed, do my hair and head out the door.

So, last night the plan was when going to bed, I was so psyched , I was going to sleep in this morning.  Bound and determined I was to not wake until at least 6:00 a.m. 

All week long I dreamed of finally sleeping in.  Being a lazy bones.

And this is how my morning ended up in reality:

4:53 am: Eyes open of their own volition
5 seconds later: Realize something large & heavy is laying across both legs/shoulders
5 seconds after that: Realize Mr. Wonderful is sleeping next to me? He is supposed to be at work... (he got cancelled which left him on call for today and tomorrow - gag.)

4:54 am: Furious toe wiggling commences as getting up to pee is considered & delayed as long as possible
5 seconds later: Black flying furball launches itself at wiggly toes beneath the blankets
5 seconds after that: Dislodge claws from toe & begrudgingly stumble-limp out of bed to bathroom

4:56 am: Walking back from bathroom step in something cold & wet in the hallway - pray it is a stray penny on the floor
5 seconds later: Grab cell phone to use a light so Mr. Wonderful isn't wakened and investigate hallway blob
5 seconds after that: Realize a cat ate random yarn & regurgitated it

4:57 am: Grab wad of toilet paper and pick up cat yarn-goober & pitch it
5 seconds later: Crawl into still warm bed next to space heater-esque husband
5 seconds after that: Crack open right eye and stare into cat face 2 cm away from own

It looked something like this
(This is Icky the day we moved into the house - I woke up to his face this close)

4:58 am: Give up all hope of going back to sleep & trudge downstairs to make coffee

Yeah, I was out of bed by 5:00.  Not leasurely lazing about in bed at 6:00 trying to decide if it's still too early...

Maybe tomorrow though.  Hope springs eternal.

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