Monday, April 4, 2011

Out of Whack

I don't know about anyone else, and it may be that I am a complete weirdo, but as I get older if something disrupts my "routine" then I'm all out of whack.  For days.

Well, that's what happened over the weekend.

I forgot, until late Friday, that I had a knitting class to teach on Saturday.  Right smack dab in the middle of my afternoon.  And only one student showed.  But, and it's a mighty big but, it was a student that I had taught in my Knitting 101 class less than a month ago.

She thought I did a great job and had been practicing so she signed up for another! WooHoo!

Then yesterday we drove up to visit Mr. Wonderful's Dad. 
We had a scrumptious meal and then Mr. Wonderful's dad took us on a tour of




Flint Town.  Buick City.  The Birth Place of General Motors. 

Mr. Wonderful's family is from Flint, when it was a thriving and vibrant city.

Is it possible that Flint is more dead than Detroit? I seem to think it is.  I started taking pictures but had to stop because it was so sad.

There is a 130 acre lot called Chevy in the Hole. It's called Chevy in the Hole because it is quite literally located in a natural depression of the Flint River.

There, in the heyday, there were GM plants running full tilt 24-7.

Now, it's a brownfield. 130 acres of cement and weeds.  The land is so contaminated that it is difficult to redevelop.  For the longest time no on wanted to own it.  But, I believe the city of Flint has bought it.

Hopefully they will be able to remediate it and move ahead with plans to build a park there.

Here are a few pics that I got

They take out the doors and windows to discourage squatters and the like
There were huge depressions on either side where other houses used to be

Just another random, abandoned factory

Maybe that's what happened to Flint, they got out of whack.  On a grand scale.

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