Thursday, July 21, 2011

Random Post: One

In my Success and Failure post I mentioned coming up with a Master Plan on how and when I can/should sit down and do this blogging thing. 

Well, I can't find it.  The Plan I mean. It's on scrap of paper somewhere in this room and I can't seem to find it right now...

So! I've come up with (another) Great Idea.  Random Posts. 

Since I can't  don't ever am too busy to  just don't seem to post things in a timely fashion I thought Random Posts would be a good way to throw out there things that I want that aren't necessarily New & Fresh Off the Press.

And the beauty of it is, is that if I'm slacking I don't keep up (i.e. (nearly) Wordless Wednesday)?

Oh Well!

It's random, it's unplanned!

Ha! I've created a loophole for myself.  A plan to have no plan?


There was a story on the news tonight about a recycling truck that lost part of its load driving down the expressway and a piece of steel flying off and hitting three cars.

As they were interviewing one of the people whose car was hit by the debris it brought back memories of this:

May 2008:

There I was bopping along in the fast lane, in my mom's Yaris, with Mr. Wonderful in the passenger seat.  We were driving to Montreal for my cousins wedding and as we're heading north on the 401 just inside of Toronto I saw it.

A two foot long piece of metal bouncing off the road and toward my face.

There was a car (close) behind me and one beside me so I couldn't pull any fancy driving moves out of my... ear, so I just squeezed my eyes shut, silently prayed to whoever was listening and sqawked when it made impact.

Other than a million flecks of glass inside (it didn't fully penetrate the glass) and everyone gaping at us and pointing as we drove past them for the next 300 miles it all ended well.  No one was injured and the insurance paid to have the windshield replaced the next morning in Montreal!

I won't go into the wretched details about calling the Toronto Police to report the accident.  Just know that you'll have to go to an "Accident Reporting Center."

Some ninety million miles off the expressway and back the way you came.  Bah.

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