Friday, July 8, 2011

That Damn Cat

There is a feral cat, pretty little thing, that for the past month has been hanging outside in my back yard. 

In the Dwarf Blue Spruce at the corner of our deck.
Lurking beneath the trees that line the back fence.
Crouched under the towering Hollyhock leaves.

It has successfully eaten two birds that I am aware of and chased them and squirrels away.

We just now have a sprayer for our hose outback -- the little bastard is going to get a soaking if I ever see him again.

AND I ordered some Organic Cat Scat, aka smelly stuff they don't like, earlier this week to scatter 'round the deck and trees.

The Blue Jays come once a day, in the afternoon, when I throw a hand full of peanuts out and they're extra skittish.

There is one squirrel who, literally, has the balls to come up on the deck occassionally and grab a peanut and run. 

They haven't visited the feeders or anything...

I am sad.
Very, very sad.

However, the squirrels left me a little present after digging up the baby carrots, they buried a peanut and it has started growing.

After their daily watering

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