Sunday, September 25, 2011

Canning Escapades: Take One

The day after the concert I went to with Olive Picker, her and I were supposed to try our hand at canning.

Supposed is the operative word here because I/we:

a) forgot the canning supplies.  All of it.  You see, the day of the concert I had to work, after work I was to drive to O.P. & MommaBean's house to pick O.P. so we could go directly to the concert. I forgot to put everything in my car. Except my overnight bag.

b) took NO cash to the farmers market.  That's right, we had about $7 between us which we used to buy a soda and a Flint Farmers Market shopping bag.  And on a side note, the farmers market is Flint is awesome.  And I don't like Flint.

Woefully unprepared is what we were.

MommaBean came to the rescue for me this week.  She went and bought me a bushel of tomatoes and invited to show O.P. and I how to can stewed tomatoes and spaghetti sauce.

Did you know that an astonishing amount of tomatoes make a surprisingly small amount of goods?

My bushel of tomatoes made this:
That's 6 quarts of stewed tomatoes, and 2 quarts/3 pints of spaghetti sauce

I have just enough (six) tomatoes left over to make 3 pints of salsa.

I'm going to attempt it on my own this week.  Results to follow.  Please pray for me if you will.
(I have been reduced to taking pictures with my iThingy because just looking at my camera makes me sad.  I really must find the time to take it a repair shop.)

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  1. hmmn...they look will be able to tell the difference when you use them this winter. Don't take too long to use those tomatoes, they will go bad...