Friday, September 30, 2011


1.  It is cold.  It is an incredibly disturbing 45 degrees outside, it is windy and raining. And when factor the wind into the temperature that makes feels like a whopping 40 degrees out.  I am not turning on the heat even though the thermostat on the main floor is reading 60 degrees.  The thermostat up here, 62.  I am wearing sweats, fuzzy socks and fleece robe on top of that. /stylin'

2.  I received an EOB (explanation of benefits) from my insurance company for my surgery.  The cost? $14,835.47! It is a good gal-dang thing that I have good insurance, am covered under Mr. Wonderful's mediocre policy and all of my Medical Slush Fund money to use yet.  I am waiting to see what his insurance is picking up before I cry.

3.  I have a problem.  Buying books.  I bought FIVE MORE.  I haven't even started on the foot high pile on the chair in the living room.  In my defense, I don't know why I feel the need to defend myself, all of the books in the living room I bought at Borders as they were liquidating.  So I got a REALLY good deal.  And also, there are quite a few reference books.  Those don't count, do they?

4.  I paid off a loan.  Early.  I borrowed an enormous sum of money (as much as a new car - okay, not a Mercedes new car, more like a Toyota new car) a few years back in order to pay off everything that was hanging out there on my credit report.  I take responsibility only for being young, dumb and in love when all of that nasty stuff started piling up on my credit history (when I was married to my first husband).  What an huge weight off my shoulders to have that gone.

5.  I did some more canning earlier in the week.  I used up about 1/2 of the half bushel I got from the farm down the street.  The other half is still languishing in the kitchen.  I made 3 pints of Salsa and 5 pints of spaghetti sauce that has way too much (yucky) onion.  I don't like onions so I'm not sure why I put them in there at all.  Love for Mr. Wonderful? Perhaps.  But tomorrow is when I'll take care of the rest of the canning, while he's sleeping, probably.

6.  I. Love. My. Job.  -- Sometimes though, I wish I had an easier job.  One that wasn't so insanely hectic.  You know, one where I don't keep track of 110 doctors and nurses whereabouts on a daily basis.  But, that is what they pay me for, right?  Oh and speaking of my job, look what I got:

A-ppre-ci-ated. That's how I feel at my job.

And that concludes today's post My Pretties 'cause I'm gonna' go do some reading.  If I can suck myself out of the Internet Abyss.

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  1. Poops! 2 things-I started a blog that I actually try to keep up with:, and some folks I follow are doing this 31 days of ______ (fill that in with whatever you want). I thought you might be motivated to join in( and do like 31 days of being green or something...anyway love you!