Saturday, January 7, 2012

(insert witty title here)

I am officially without functioning brain synapses.  Maybe it's early onset dementia?

Honestly, there is no thought flow here.  So, to make this post easy on myself I'll bullet point some random thoughts for you to enjoy and try to make sense of. Yippie!

  • Our New Years Day - Annual Road Trip went off without a hitch.  Barely any snow let alone a blizzard.  Which brings us to point two.
  • I cannot find my camera.  It's here.  In this house. I remember seeing it and it has a few pictures documenting our trip but, I can't locate it.  Which coincides with the misfiring of brain synapses - I always know where my camera is!
  • I have to go get new tires on my car today. Fabulous, just how I wanted to spend my Saturday morning.
  • As an early Christmas present from my husband that I ordered and told him he bought me, I have Adobe PSE 10.  I have recently, last week, installed it on the computer but haven't had a spare moment to use it.
  • I made a list for Mr. Wonderful and put it on our chalkboard in the kitchen of Acceptable Gifts.  Our First Date/Wedding Anniversary is coming up- I told him it counts as 1 1/2 anniversaries and just because we got married on that day doesn't negate it was our First Date anniversary.- Valentine's Day is also coming up and our respective "Mid-Year Birthday's", more on that later, are too.  So, the gifts are as follows: 1) Skyrim, 2) telescope, 3) wooden cooking utensils, 4) Kindle Fire.  I'll probably buy myself the fire with the money I got for Christmas - AFTER I read my hundreds of dollars worth of books that I have bought.
And there was something else, can't remember what it was though.  So, yeah.

I'll upload those pics as soon as I find my camera and put together a nice blog post for ya!

**EDIT: I remembered what else I was going to say! I am going to try making my own laundry detergent.  I have had the Washing Soda for about a year and a half staring me down and I have the Borax, which I use in each laundry load, all I need is a dang bar of soap.  Which I will pick up today while out getting my new tires. I have heard wonderful things about it, how safe it is for the environment and you can't beat the price of .01 per load.

My question, if anyone has ever tried this, is this: Will the soap dissolve in cold water? I only use cold water to wash my clothes.**

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