Friday, June 22, 2012

Bringing It Back

The "Driving Scarf".

I think the gloves would be a bit much, don't you?

I'm bringing this baby back and I'm going to make it The Next Big Thing.

Why? Because it has been 898,957,749 degrees outside.  And because I hate, hate, hate the artificially icy air that the A/C spews out.  I always get cold and goosebumpy which seems to annoy Mr. Wonderful.  Whatevs, it's cold!

That, and I am always challenging myself to see how many miles I can get out of a tank of gas.  (Weird. I know.) And running the A/C kills my gas mileage.  I am happy to report that on average I get 38 mpg in my little Yaris! (not that you are interested)

Cute, right?

Back to the driving scarf though - another reason I feel I need to bring it back into fashion is because of my fabulous haircut.  While my hair has grown out significantly since that time and I can put it in a itty bitty stubby ponytail,  with the help of 90 clips and bobby's, when zipping along at 60 mph on the back country roads to get to anywhere in the world (thanks for being so close yet so inaccessible to everything South Lyon) those clips and bobby's do squat to keep my hair from coming lose and knotting itself into a rats nest.

So, if you see a short little Greek zipping around in a Yaris trying to look all Audrey Hepburn try not to laugh too hard.  It's a tough look to pull off.


  1. I love bubuskas...they keep your ears warm and stray hairs calm...but then again i am considered an old fasrt...

  2. OK...this December....what happened? Did nbothing at all go on with your life since this last post???