Friday, June 8, 2012


*I don't even know what exactly that means other than I hear youngsters saying it and it seemed like a thing to say to announce my return.


I've been gone.  Well, no.  I've been around just... angry.  And pouty.  Disgruntled too.

I am still disgruntled but, you deal with whatever life hands you and you move on, right? ::eye roll::

One of my favorite things to blather on about to others when they're struggling is "Keep your head up and keep moving forward!" ::gag::

How trite.

Anyway, here's the low down.  I have R.A.
I had a flare crisis.  Wait, let's call it what it was because it sure as hell felt like a crisis.

I managed with my crippley self to bang out a few angry draft posts bemoaning my fate but, I'll just go ahead a delete them now.  The worst is over and I'm back on the 'roids temporarily.  They help.  But I want off of them ASAP.

In the garden today:

Peas! I have purple peas!
Wait, purple peas? 
I've never seen them before 
and more importantly, I didn't know I'd planted any!
The strawberries I plant never get this far 
because all the wild beasties get them before I can.
Someone last year gave me a potted rose 
and being the "I don't know what the hell I'm doing"
type of newbie gardener I plopped it in the ground.
It. Didn't. Die.

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