Sunday, October 5, 2014

On Goodness and Mercy

Alternate title: Hatchery dude - "We have a 90% success rate!" {snort}

For the longest time while all the chicks were in the brooder I tried denying that I had ANY roos.  In fact there's a video floating around wherein I proclaim "and there's Mercy.  She's the one who has already gotten her comb and wattles!" {eye roll} and "that one is Goodness who is a biiiiig girl, I wonder if she's older than the others?" {huff}.  Oh, then there's a video of them when they were only a few weeks old and both Goodness and Mercy were already squaring off.

Riiiiight.  As you have already surmised we ended up with two roo's.

So we decided to change their names to Goodman and Mercer.  Which frequently came out as "Goodness" and "Mercy". Whatevs, they didn't notice.

After everyone was moved out to the coop the boys started fighting more and more.  Goodness mostly kicking Mercy's behind.  Which sent me to frantically searching the internet for ideas on what to do.  Much hemming and hawing later my Beloved and I decided that one of the boys needed to be re-homed.

Goodness on the left and Mercy on the right - before all their sickle feathers came in

My Mommabean was currently without a rooster since Stinkeye had lost a battle with a hungry critter.

Stinkeye, whose name I believe was Socrates originally
but being a mean & nasty rooster was renamed accordingly

It was decided that Goodness who was the louder, more crowy of the two would go live with Mommabean. She lives further out the boonies on more land so he'd annoy less people with. his. incessant. crowing.  And she had more hens for him to slake his lust on.

Goodness is the chicken who had the eye problems.

Just look at those feathers!
Shake it off big guy
I think he was part pheasant
So! Mommabean, my sister & brother-in-law, my Beloved and I headed out to the run to catch him.  Have you ever tried to catch a chicken? Ooph.  We locked all the other chickens in the coop then spent the next 15 minutes chasing him around.

It would've made a seriously fantastic video - five adults trying to catch one chicken.  Many half curses (little ears were standing on the other side of the chain link fence) were flying, faces turned red and we were all out of breath by the end.

Wonder why I've been referring to Goodness in the past tense? Yes?

Well, Mommabean decided after one mean rooster that she wasn't going to put up with another.  I hear tell that for the first month or so he was kosher and acted like a gentleman.  But at one point he knocked my nephew down while he was feeding them and chased my sisters mother-in-law.  He currently resides in their freezer.

Poor Goodness.

And Mercy (or Mercer), he's mostly good.  Every once in a while he gets to where he feels the need to challenge me. He'll fluff himself up or stomp after me at which point I stop, turn around and whisper menacingly "I am the big rooster around here dude and I will end you." Followed closely by screechily shouting "Ooohhh! Pretty rooster, I want to touch the rooster! Here rooster, rooster, rooster" while chasing him.  It works for us.

He gets mad when I tell him his legs look like #2 pencils

Master tidbitter, First Class
The only one missing from this photo of his harem is Lola
Cold, wet and windy - Merc don't care

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  1. HA! You are so much kinder with your roos than we are. As soon as we realized the three chicks Starfighter hatched were roos, we ate them.

    Then our "free exotic chick" from Murray McMurray ended up being an Americuna rooster *eyeroll* VERRRRRRY exotic. We let him stick around for a while, but then he started getting rough with the kids and he was gone too. Didn't eat him, though. Mostly because he looked so much like a hawk we were all sort of worried.

    1. As you know, I give you some serious props for dispatching & dressing Starfighter's man-children. Wait, what did you do with your Hawkman if not eat him??

  2. We have had to chase a rooster down too and it is not easy! You made me laugh at the memory of us trying to catch a rooster a couple months ago.

    1. It was deeeeefintely comical. Thankfully we only have one close neighbor who already knows what weirdo's we are!

  3. I enjoyed your story, it made me laugh! Beautiful roosters, too. We don't currently have a rooster but hope to get one next year when we add to our flock. :)

    1. Thanks! I may be asking for trouble but I almost have my hubs talked into letting one of the hens hatch out a clutch if (when) one of them goes broody. The problem is, if we end up with a Ton O' Roos!