Friday, October 3, 2014


We planted a lot of sunflowers this year along the south side of the pole barn.  We bought two packets of seeds but the majority of them were freebies

Some of them were absolutely beautiful

Others were your average (still pretty) type sunflower

Theeeeeeeeeeen there were the mammoth ones

Oh my gosh.  So huge.

I could've sworn I got some pictures of them before they got so top heavy but I can't locate them right now. Anyway, my problem now is this:

Holy. Mackerel.  I have zombie sunflowers.  

And yeah, what exactly do you do with them now? They look sad and more than a little horrific.  

So, you know what I did? I actually Googled "Sunflower Anatomy" earlier today.  Because, well, where are the seeds? Do you know what comes up? Fo'realsy charts of a sunflowers anatomy, naming every receptacle scale, phyllaries, ray flower and disc flower.  Huh.  Well.  Okay then!

After a third cup of coffee allowed more brain synapses to fire I Googled "harvesting sunflower seeds".  Much more helpful.

My plan now is to keep half of the heads for the chickens and leave the other half for the birds that over winter here.

Any other suggestions?

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