Sunday, November 23, 2014


Well, hello there!

The craziness isn't over yet, I'm shooting for December 1.  But, in the last few weeks I've been able to catch my breath in little snatches.

Therefore, I've been Instagramming the bejeezus outta' my life.  And, lucky for you I have found time to share the Instayummy with you!

Would you look at all this cray-cray! I found it clearing out boxes
a) I cannot believe I used to wear this stuff
b) I cannot believe that I saved it 

Don't Blink! I bought a new ornament for our Christmas tree. Way excited!

I finally bought something (from a craft show) to hang on the bathroom wall
AND I hung it up - w00t!

In an effort to get ahead of the game I've been addressing Christmas cards,
only 5 a night, while dinner is in the oven

Entry into Creepy Town
Underneath the addition on the house is a basement only accessible
via a trapdoor in the floor of the library.
The well tanks are down there and my Beloved had to go down there
to turn of the water to the outside hose bibs.
I tried valiantly not to panic while he was down there.

Dutch Baby Pancakes - my newest addiction

Flavia (L) & Flint (R) turned one!
Happy Birthday babies!

I managed a little Christmas knitting finally - yaay!

Nike has been doing really, really good.
We are all happy.


  1. I still get panicky when I think of B. down in that hole.

    1. One of these days I'm going to ask him take a video down there because I want to know what it looks like down there. Rumor has it there's a room down there. With a chair?