Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Let's Talk

So in the real world outside of my knitting, homesteading, blogging, voracious readering, Doctor Who watching empire I have a job.  I mean in addition to being the most spectacular wife my Beloved has ever had (I am fairly positive that I am the only wife he's ever had) and the Best Thea Poppy ever in the history of Thea Poppy's.

Me.  Every morning lately.

So, yeah, job.  I am a "Physician Scheduling Manager" for a a fairly large group of doctors.  And that means the my life gets cray-cray at certain points of the year.

Like now.

Which of course means that fun things like:

Blogging - however one could argue this

Eww, wait? Are those ALL of my hobbies? Ummm... anyway, those things are put on the back burner ( insert cute joke about the burner pans needing to be cleaned too here  ).

So on top of working 55-60 hours a week, I have, you know, wifely things like "cleaning the whole entire house" and "making dinner every single night" and the occasional "try to have a life and not go to bed at 7 pm on a Saturday night"... you get it.  It's all those other things that we have to do as an adult to keep our households running while not going utterly insane.

Which just makes me:

So I will continue to suck down coffee like it's my lifeblood and when I get through with this Call Schedule - I'll try to resume my normal blogging (which as we all know if spotty at best).

Fare thee well until next I find a spare moment!

*EDIT: I should have titled this - The Queen of Memes Post

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