Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Apples In My Eyesight

The Offenders - JonaMac's

Mr. Wonderful eats two apples everyday.  He buys the Michigan grown ones by the bag, doesn't matter what kind, he just picks a bag and throws it in the cart.  However, I am more particular.  I pick Honeycrisp and Golden Delicious - my two favorites.

When Mr. Wonderful mentioned that he was not enjoying his bag of JonaMac's I told him to stop eating them and I would come up with something to do with 'em...

And wooo doggy did I!

I had approximately 6 JonaMac's,
1 Honeycrisp that somehow escaped my hungry gaze in the crisper, and a single, 
lonely MacIntosh hidden in the depths of the fridge...

So I got out the Great Cookbook and looked for things to do with apples.  Then decided I was just going to make miniature apple pies.  Of course there are no directions for making mini apple pies so I kind of winged it.  Results and lots of pics below.

Apple peels destined for the compost bucket.
Allow me to expound on my paring knife - I have had it for 20 years.
I will use no other, I can find no other like it and I will cry if I ever lose it. Period.
Look at all the different colors of the apple flesh.  I find it interesting. 
I'm weird like that.
Don't laugh but I had to use my knitting swatch gage to measure
the diameter of Mr. Wonderful's biscuit cutters. 
I am still not quite sure why he has them.
So the biggest biscuit cutter wasn't big enough for my plans.
But the John McCann Steel Cut Oatmeal can which sits on the counter was!

Here was my plan, put the piecrusts in the cups of a muffin tin and treat them as their own individual pies - genius, right?
I put the muffin tin on a cookie sheet to catch spills.  I hate cleaning.
Filled with apples awaiting their tops.
I cubed the apples instead of slicing them - I figured slices wouldn't fit well.
I'm so smart.
With their lids.  They are not very pretty at all.
I must figure out a way to make them look nicer.
The weird, sicko perfectionist in me insists on it.
I ran out of enough dough to cover the pies - I used the standard Two 9" recipe.
Maybe next time I'll make 1 1/2x the recipe.
Anyway, so three of them got the Lattice Treatment.

Sick of pictures yet? Too bad! Here comes some more...

Fresh out of the oven
My cups definitely runneth over!
Which made for soggy bottoms while they were hot.

And in my impatience I didn't wait for them to cool down before I started to pry them out ...

And lucky for me I had a plate sitting right there
because this one fell apart and I caught it with said plate.
The fork is incidental.  Pay it no mind.

Next time I will need to figure out a way to better seal them and make them prettier.  Otherwise, they're awesome!

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