Tuesday, October 19, 2010

To Have or Have Not

I have been making a conscious effort as of late to only buy things that I need.

It is a very thin line between needing and wanting for me.  A few weeks ago I decided that for an entire week that I wasn't going to spend any money.  I know, crazy right? Crazy enough to work...

And I did it! 

I was only tempted 999 times per day.  Piece of cake!

At work, at home - temptation was everywhere! There was the evil vending machine, the dastardly offers to "go grab some lunch", all of the odious, but great, crafting ideas popping into my brilliant little head. 

Gloriously I dreamt up knitting projects and of big mugs of warm and creamy, I mean vile, Cappuccinos. 

That grubby little devil named Temptation sat on my shoulder egging me on.  But resist I did! 

And in order to congratulate myself on my witholding prowess I promptly went out and purchased The World's Greatest Halloween Salt & Pepper Shakers.  Ever.

And I must confess, October is not an easy month for me to be frugal.  My beautiful niece, Princess Pretty Face has a birthday in October and the Greatest Holiday, Halloween, is this month.  Costumes and presents and, and, and ... I have been horrid for the whole month. 

But I'm making a promise to myself that November will be the most frugal month for me yet.  I'll keep you posted.

*This post is only 20 and some odd days old... which means you'll probably hear about "Frugal November" some time in January!

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