Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Blurbing: The Pits

As in Cherry Pits.

In my time wasting travels through the internet I came across a simple sewing project and decided to give it a go: Homemade Heating Pads.

I read about using rice, corn, buckwheat, etc., I researched them.  The pros, the cons, the whos, whats, whys and for many a winter I swore I was going to try making one for myself but it required sewing.  And sewing is not my forte. 

But with my MIL buying me a sewing machine for my birthday I decided to try.  No one had to see the horribleness I produced it would be just me nitpicking it and my toes enjoying the warmth.

I scoured the internet again for directions when I ran across this:

I ordered the cherry pits (from Michigan, my home state!) from Pit Stuff

They came.  I sewed and this is what happened:

It had straight edges despite my eyes being crooked in my head!
(honestly, I can neither cut anything nor sew anything straight)

And it's a good dang-heckin' thing I did -- because our furnace is out.
It's cold and snowing outside (~28 degrees) so it's around 53 in random parts of the house.  

The furnace guy comes tomorrow but until then I'm dressed like an Inuit on an arctic expedition.

I've got the electric fire place cranking in the living room (it's a toasty 62 down there) and I've got my heating pads and a wool blanket that I got for Christmas for my bed tonight. Here's to hoping Icky & Nike sleep with me tonight!

Icarus and Nike with two of my warmed up  heating pads -
Notice Ick is enjoying my slacks warm from the dryer....
I left them for two seconds to go warm up two more heating pads.

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