Thursday, December 29, 2011

Blurbing: Warmth

I am the proud Mama of a 27+ year old furnace! The cost of our furnace repair was only $159, it was a loose wire.  Thank you Universe, as I was getting worried that we wouldn't be able to go on our vacation in February for our anniversary.

$159, I can handle.  $4k, I cannot.

For Christmas this year MommaBean bought me this:
Lands End - Flannel Nightgown

I love, love, love it.  Especially when the heat was out, faaabulous!

My MIL gave me this:
Macy's - Fleece Robe

Clashing plaids but super comfy together - I am in warmth heaven with these bad boys.

So, anyway onto the real story:

Nike has this habit of crawling underneath all of the blankets and sheets on the bed.  I've even found her underneath the fitted sheet once or twice.

And whenever you come into the room and she's wormed her way under the covers she'll give an odd little "hmm-mewwwrupp?" Which probably means- look out dummy! Don't sit down, I'm under here!

Last night, after spending the whole day thinking that I would never be warm again and being punch drunk on the fact that the house was a raging 69 degrees, I came upstairs to get ready for bed and put on my flannels and fleeces.

I flipped on the light and heard "hmm-mewwwrupp?"

Which of course would prompt any sane person to grab their camera and take a picture.

Notice that I don't care if my sheets match.
In fact, I adore the idea that they don't.

Miss Nike Celeste

I bet you she thought she was never going to be warm again either.

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