Wednesday, March 14, 2012

An Early Morning Blurb

I haven't been on the computer much, not even "The Website" (Facebook) as it's commonly referred between me and my sisters.  

I have been meaning to write a post or three for a few days now but I am valiantly trying to read The Hunger Games, and quickly, so that I can go see the movie with Princess Pretty Face (PPF) and her mom Ali-Gator next Friday.  

Ali-Gator is taking PPF out of school early to go see the movie and I don't work on Friday's so it's a date!

I remember my mom surprising me and Ali-Gator by coming to school one day out of the blue to take us out of school.  I distinctly remember on my way to the principals office trying to think of what I did to get into trouble and how I was going to get out of that trouble.  

I was petrified when I walked into the office.

And there stood my mom.   

I can't remember what she told them as to why she was picking us up.  But I as we were walking out to the car she told us she was taking us to a movie.

 We were going to see Footloose. 

I loved that bright sunny day in 1984.  It is actually one of my fondest childhood memories.

Hopefully this will be one of PPF's favorite memories.  Especially since she loves the book so much.

My hopes are high.

Off to work!

Which interferes with my reading.

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  1. I remember being in the back of a car (I think it was your dads, I just know it wasn't the Bronco) and we were singing that song from Footloose "Let's hear it for the boy". I was just going to town singing full out and your dad turned off the car during the high note and it went completely silent. I tried to stop...alas, it was too late. You guys found it to be extremely hilarious and your Dad said, "Why did you stop?" Good times....